I grew up with dogs and I never really thought about having to teach them how to catch a ball or a treat. If I remember correctly, they could just do it. This dog, not so much.

Here's a great video of a sweet pup named Fritz. His owner made a compilation of all of Fritz fails as he learns how to catch. The great thing is, this video is in slow motion. Fritz is a beautiful dog! Watching this video brings a smile to my face seeing his anticipation of all the different treats. The owner does state on YouTube that Fritz actually does lead a very health lifestyle and his eyesight is fine.

My favorite is the pizza slice. Watch all the way through and wait for it, wait for it. Ah! Success finally!!


Here are some steps to remember when teaching your dog to catch from doggiebuddy.com:


Step 1: Start out with a short distance and a good treat. Throw the treat to your dog. If he doesn't catch it, take the treat away and try again. If he does catch it, praise him and give him another treat!
Step 2: Keep doing this until he is catching well. Start saying "Catch" while he is catching them.
Step 3: Give him the command - "Catch!" and throw the treat. Give him lots of praise if he catches it at your command!
Step 4: Use other objects like footballs, tennis balls, or toys to give him more experience with catching. The more he practices, the better he will get!