This is juvenile, this is silly, and this is a big waste of time...and I just can't stop myself from doing it; and, part of me is proud of that.  

Someone who is sillier than me took the time to post this video and then went so far as to figure out how to associate corresponding numeric keys to make this bullfrog wheeze the Imperial March theme from the Star Wars series.

Dumb, asinine...and brilliant!

My natural reaction was to try this number sequence posted on the video over and over again...and giggle out loud.  My next logical step...try to make the frog wheeze other tunes through number sequences.  Obviously, I'm not alone, take a look at the comments thread on this YouTube video and you'll notice that many other amphibian virtuosos have come up with their own music.

I wanted to compose music that was a bit more localized, so I came up with the number sequences for frog songs that should be familiar with Aggie and Longhorn fans.

First, the Texas A&M War Hymn.  The pitches aren't perfect, but as long as you have the rhythm right, you should hear the resemblance.

 5-555-5-3-5-3-2-222-3-5,  5555-55-55, 5555-55-55

And, we must have equal time for Longhorn fans with a portion of the Eyes of Texas.

8-6-8-6-8-6-5-4-6, 4-4-6-5-4


Feel free to post the numbers for other tunes.