Looks like the weather won't be cooperating with us tomorrow.

With many schools closing early, or not running at all, here are some fun things you can do at home while you're "snowed in" (Luckily, we won't be hip-deep in snow like some of the other cities in the U.S.)

1. TRAIL TREK, our 1st ATV event at TREE Offroad Park in Alto, Texas, is still going on this weekend. Hey, if you don't have to go to work or school, why not bring the whole family to the park and ride your ATVs?  It's going to be a blast!

2. You'll need a snowed in snack!
Why not grab the family and make some cookies! You don't have to make it an all day affair...You could make some no-bakes or a quick batch of sugar cookies. Or heck.... even some brownies or cake. Whatever is easiest for the entire family and whatever your in the mood for.

While the cookies are baking..

3. Start some snowed in family fun
Why not dust off those old board games in the closet and have a quick game. You'll be surpised at how much fun it is! Choose one that just takes a few minutes or one that will be hours of fun.