Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office George P. Bush will teach a Texas history class, "Pioneering Principles: Why Character Matters," on Friday, May 29, at 2 p.m. The class will be streamed live from the Texas General Land Office via their YouTube channel.

According to the Texas General Land Office,  the class will focus on the early 1800s :

the opportunity to own inexpensive, abundant land in pre-Republic Texas was a powerful incentive for many Americans to pack up and set out for Stephen F. Austin's colony. Mexican authorities, however, did not want just anyone settling this land.

Using documents found in the GLO Archives, the lesson will discuss what the Mexican government required of Austin's colonial settlers and how these expectations might apply today.

"Technology changes but the value of character doesn't," Bush said. "The original documents we preserve at the Land Office reveal that the Mexican government looked for hard-working, honest people to build Texas. It took people of character to build our great state, and it will take people of character to keep Texas strong, free and prosperous in the future. As a former teacher, I'm excited to use technology to teach this timeless lesson to our state's future leaders."


Texas teachers and students are encouraged to ask questions about the lesson and the GLO Archives during the live program through YouTube Live chat and Facebook. Questions can also be tweeted before and during the class using #SaveTXHistory.


WHAT:             Pioneering Principles: Why Character Matters and announcement of Save Texas History Texas Travels Essay Contest winners

WHO:              Hosted by Commissioner George P. Bush and K-12 Education Outreach Coordinator Buck Cole

WHERE:           Live-streamed on YouTube

WHEN:            Friday, May 29 at 2 p.m.


When live, a link to the broadcast will be posted on GLO social media channels and the GLO education website

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