Well Halloween is over, but now we get all the tricks and pranks that people were kind enough to record and upload soon after.

This guy for instance decided to give out what seems to be random items from around his house. Check it out for yourself.

Roy Purdy via YouTube

As I watched this video, I started to think he had made the most out of the fact that he wasn't prepared, but sure enough at one point it is revealed that he in fact DOES have candy.

At one point he gave out a plate of warm food, which makes me think he might have quickly turned his camera off and chased the kids down for his household wares. Then again, these day it wouldn't surprise me if someone was just random enough to stay true to his "prank" and let the kids run off with his stuff.

Did you do anything semi-crazy this Halloween? Tell us about it in the comments, and if you got footage of it, that's even better! Send it in to us so we can maybe show your Halloween spirit on our website.