The website conducted a survey, and the results might help you figure out if your significant other is a cheater.

AshleyMadison is a dating site for married people looking to have affairs. Ever seen that on your husband or wife’s browsing history?

According to the site, the man most likely to cheat is in his 40s, has been married for over 10 years, has two children over 10 years old and is in the IT/Engineering field.

Ladies are not off the hook. Unfaithful women are likely to be in their 30s, married 5 years or less, have a daughter under 3, and either be a teacher, a stay-at-home mom, or work in the medical industry.

What does all of this mean? Ladies are more likely to get restless more quickly it appears. If you know any 40-year old IT guys married to 30-year old teachers, watch out. That might have divorce written all over it.