It happens to all of us. We are at work for a couple of hours and then you hear your stomach growl.  The other day my stomach started to growl so I reached into my desk to find my stash of snacks and there was NOTHING.

That's when total panic set in. So later that day I went shopping to "restock" my supply. I always try to bring a piece of fruit to work everyday, but I also usually have nuts, pretzels and protein bars in my desk. I brought beef jerky one time but seems someone at the office decided to help themselves. I had no idea beef jerky was so tempting.

According to Business Insider some of the best snacks to munch on at work are:

Almonds - They're high in protein and fiber.

Low-fat popcorn - unfortunately, "butter popcorn" is not recommended :(

Fresh fruit or dried fruit - Fruit is always a great choice.

Protein bars - They suggest one that is under 200 calories and has fruit and nuts in it.

Pretzels - Go for low salt if you can find it. Otherwise, you might bloat like a tick.

You can see the whole list at Business Insider.

What snacks do you have stashed in your desk at work?