It is a surprise to many in Henderson County that the nativity scene that sits on the courthouse lawn has caught the attention of a group from another state and that group has requested the county remove the nativity scene from in front of the courthouse.

The group, Freedom From Religion Foundation based in Wisconsin, is requesting that the nativity scene be removed. The request caught residents and many in the court building off guard including Henderson County Judge Richard Sanders. Sanders is curious

how they found out about our nativity scene and then why they had an interest in it at all." (kltv)

Henderson County resident Tracie Lyda says,

I don't understand how somebody out of state who does not know anything about us, is trying to tell us to take down something that is very dear to all of us." (kltv)

Judge Sanders believes the display is done within the law and feels like there's nothing legally wrong with it. For now, the nativity scence stays in place through Christmas.

What are your thoughts on this?