Eating a burrito does not have to result in spillage. We eat so many burritos in East Texas, and I think this is a great tutorial.

Watch as this bearded man makes it through a massive 2lb burrito without incident. This guy has a little too much free time on his hands. But I will say I am glad he is getting this message out to the people. You can eat a burrito without it going all over. He took issue with his friend saying that he put down a bed of nacho chips when he was eating a burrito, so when he was done, boom - nachos with all the trimmings. So he set out to eat this entire thing to make it known that it can be done.

The technique and the banter make this worth the watch. Some of it is a little spicy, much like the burrito, but I could not help but to watch it till the end to see if he was correct. I won't spoil the end for you, but I will say that halfway in, most people are making a mess and he is keeping it together. If there was just a little less sour cream, I think he wouldn't have even had to use the napkins. So remember to palm the butt, and all will be well.