I loved INXS in the 80's and 90's, and I still do. I have all their old cd's and still listen to them today. So, as you can imagine, I was devastated when Michael Hutchence passed away in 1997. The band has tried for years to make a comeback with no success. Until now?








Looks like Ciaran Gribbon is the new lead singer.  Ciaran told Billboard.com:

"Without a doubt I was a fan of INXS. I remember (song) Kick like it was yesterday. I remember seeing the guys on MTV and then on Jools Holland's BBC show watching as a kid, just blown away by them. INXS definitely played a huge part in my musical education as a songwriter... so to be in the band now is pretty amazing."

There had been rumors that Bono was the singer of this demo. It would've made sense because  Bono and Michael were friends, but wouldn't that be U2?  I mean really, U2 without Bono?

I just can't see the band ever "replacing" Michael Hutchence. He was INXS! Think about it.  U2 without Bono or The Rolling Stones without Mick.  In my opinion, it just won't work.

Who could forget the reality show  ‘Rock Star: INXS,’ where J.D. Fortune won the title of their lead singer. Yeah, that lasted.

Don't get me wrong, I really do wish the band success. But maybe I'd be more open to their music if they changed their name?

Check out Gribbin’s vocals on ‘Tiny Summer’ below. He does sound like Bono. Tell us what you think.

Oh, and to jog your memory, here is the INXS I will always love! Man, I miss Michael Hutchence!

via Exclusive: INXS Unveil New Singer, Ciaran Gribbin | Billboard.com.