The assortment of animals at Ellen Trout Zoo continues to grow.

So far this summer, the zoo has announced the birth of a baby Louisiana Pine Snake, and an African lion cub.

On Wednesday, the latest births were announced. If you’re guessing frogs, guess again!

Two brand new Chilean Flamingos have hatched and can be viewed by zoo visitors now. And more could be on the way. The zoo says several other pairs of flamingos are still incubating their eggs.

If you’ve been to the zoo recently, you may have noticed mounds of mud with flamingos perched on top. Both the male and female help build a nest mound from the surrounding mud. It’s teamwork. The female then lays one egg, and both the male and female incubate it. Apparently male flamingos don’t need a “night out with the guys.” They’re right there tending to domestic issues always.

The flamingos will live for 20 to 30 years, according to the zoo, so you have plenty of time to see them. But if you want to see babies, head to the zoo now.