It's Ancestor Appreciation Day! The wonderful thing about American is that we have family roots from all over the world! Do you know your family roots?

Whether your family came over on the Mayflower, just a few generations ago or more recently, they came over for a better life here in America.

My family is mostly Polish and just a few generation back. My Dad is second generation as his grandparents came from Poland and settled in Minnesota. My mother is first generation Polish with her dad coming over around 1917 to get away from Russia's hold on Poland.

On both sides Poland is my heritage. My Dad's mother had a little Irish, German and Russian in her too, but mainly Polish.

Where does your family hail from? Have you ever gone to another country to trace your family roots? It's on my bucket list to walk the streets of Warsaw and the villages my grandparents and other ancestors walked. Just gotta try and learn a bit of the language first! Yikes!

By the way, Although the photo above is a great one, it's not of my family. Man, I really need to get out my old photos!

There are a few sites to get you started in finding your ancestors. and