Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Yep, and welcome to Tax Day 2013. Have you filed your taxes yet? Did ya get anything back? If you did, What did you spend it on?

Here's a couple of interesting facts about taxes!

Of course taxes are a necessity, but did you know the Tax Foundation says the average American will have to work until this Thursday to reach "Tax Freedom Day." Which is 5 days later than last year. Which means we are paying more taxes. :(  For New Yorkers, it's May 6.

Be careful on the roads today.  A report last year found that traffic death rate on Tax Day was 6 percent higher than on other days in April.

Think we have high taxes? At one time in England taxes were 95 percent! That's why George Harrison of the Beatles wrote the song "Tax Man." Might I add, such a great song!

Taxes need to be posted by midnight tonight or start filing an extension!

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