Sorry Southwest Airlines, you had a great run as the top dog for customer satisfaction since 1994, but there's a new champion in town JetBlue.

JetBlue is finally a big enough airline to be listed among the other top dogs in the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey. The ACSI ranks customer service on restaurants, hotels, airlines and more.

What a way to debut on the survey! JetBlue’s scored 81, which by the way was Southwest Airlines big score last year. Southwest really doesn't need to complain too much, they came in second place with a score of 77.


Even though Delta and American received lower scores (Delta 65 and American 64), both did have higher scores than in the past few years. So, maybe they are trying to make some changes. What a catch 22! The smaller airlines can give better customer service but not very many destinations. The big airlines offer more destinations but slack on customer service. Wish there was a happy medium here somewhere!