Just when you hoped April Fools’ would see Netflix finally admitting its entire announcement, production, and release of Fuller House as a prank, we’re left with nothing but John Stamos. The apparently-immortal Full House star instead has a new Netflix reality series (prank), releasing its full trailer.

Apparently unaware of the heart palpitations it might give Stamos fans, Netflix dropped a full three-minute trailer for Stamos: A Human, Being, putting the Full House star in his own words. They even went so far as to add an April 31 premiere date, so feel free to mark your calendars. Go on, we’ll wait.

In any case, Fuller House Season 2 is all-too-real, presumably again returning Stamos to his Uncle Jesse role, as well as Stamos’ real-life executive producer credit.

We’d probably watch a John Stamos reality series, if only for a glimpse into the dark magic keeping that skin and hair afloat, but in the meantime, settle for the trailer above.