Wow how rumors fly! Yesterday the internet was a buzz that Jon Bon Jovi had died. Rest easy guys and girl, he is alive and well! He even posted on the Bon Jovi Facebook page and Twitter account with a picture of himself standing by a Christmas Tree with a dated note in his hand. The note said "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey".

The message posted said: "Rest assured that Jon is fine - this photo was just taken."

How did the rumor start? According to the BBC:

A website had wrongly claimed the singer suffered a cardiac arrest at a hotel in New Jersey and later passed away in hospital.

Soon after the rocker's name began trending on Twitter.

The LA Times later claimed some of the original report was copied from a newspaper article about the death of Michael Jackson in 2009.

Good to see it was a rumor and to see Jon's still has a great sense of humor! Have you ever had to set a rumor straight about yourself? Go ahead and tell us cause it was just a rumor! Right?

via BBC - Newsbeat - Jon Bon Jovi uses photo to deny online death reports.