In the latest issue of the Australian edition of Cosmo magazine, there's an interview in it with Katy Perry. She talks about her life with new husband Russell Brand, who she'd like to team up and perform a duet with and talks about her next album and more.

When asked to choose from a list of stars they provided, who from the list would she like to perform a duet with, she chose John Mayer calling him a fantastic songwriter and her dream duet partner. They also asked her who she would like to ride with in a cramped long distance car trip. She was offered - Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Katy chose them all saying it would be fun and probably crazy!

Her lastest album Teenage Dream's only been out for a year now, but she says by December she anticipates on making more music. As far as the sound goes she has 2 different concepts in mind and each are completely different!

Meanwhile her California Dreams tour has her on the road through November of this year.