Last night Kim Kardashian wast the victim of "flour bombing" while attending a red carpet event promoting her new fragrance line. The flour bomb attacker ran up to Kim and dumped a bag of flour on her head while shouting

Fur Hag" (TMZ)

It is believed that PETA had something to do with the attack but they have completely denied having anything to do with it, but do support the attacker and her action. A rep from the organization PETA told TMZ,

It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene."

Apparently the group has been trying to convince Kim not to wear fur but their messages haven't been moving enough they say and that whoever did this to her last night might have finally gotten through to her.

No harm was done though, Kim went up to a room dusted off her jacket, brushed the flour out of her hair and went back to the red carpet. Kim ended up not pressing charges against her attacker and the LA County Sheriff's department eventually released her after being detained.

What do you think about this?

Catch Kim Kardashian being "flour bombed" below.