Kirstie Alley has struggled with her weight for years. She's been the subject of jokes on t.v. and in the office. Well, whose laughing now? Kirstie has now lost 100 pounds!

“I feel like I’m back in my element,” she told ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ “I honestly didn’t even realize what I looked like.”

Last week, Kirstie even strutted her stuff on the runway for designer Zang Toi. She wore black leggings and a tunic and a royal blue, rhinestone-studded gown, saying, “Before ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ I bought these dresses from size 14 to 4. [They were] all the same dress, and I said, ‘You know what I really want? I really wanna be in this dress in a 4!’”

What's next? Will she go under the knife for plastic surgery which is so common for the Hollywood set? Nope!

“I haven’t had plastic surgery but here’s the reason: People do plastic surgery to make you look younger,” the former ‘Cheers’ actress said. “I don’t think it makes you look younger. [But] it can make you look weirder.”

You can check out Kirstie on the catwalk below. She hits the runway at about the 1:17 mark.

You go girl!!

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