Korean girls try pulled pork, brisket and American style pork ribs for the first time, and the result is pretty entertaining.

We don't take our BBQ for granted, but getting to see adults try American style barbecue for the first time might give you a greater appreciation for way of life.

It's funny when these girls get to the ribs. When the pork ribs come out they dig in with their hands like real Americans would, and you probably won't be surprised when you see how they score the pork ribs on taste alone.

What do you think? Should these ladies make a trip down to Texas to try some real BBQ? We'd like to see was sort of reaction they get to our BBQ parties.

Plus, they didn't even have potatoes or any other fixins to go with their main dish. BBQ isn't just about the food ... It's a way of life, and that is something we don't mind sharing with the rest of the world.