We've all been listening to Adele's "Hello" on repeat, and it still hasn't gotten old. We stumbled across a video of a young Korean woman covering the song and it left us in awe.

This cover of Adele's "Hello" just recently popped up on YouTube and will blow you away at how much soul comes from such a timid looking young lady.

일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브 via YouTube

If you thought that was impressive, check out these guys performing an Acapella rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely".

일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브

This Korean singer is Ailee, and she was called "the Korean Beyonce". This is sort of a throwback, because this video shows her audition on a talent show before she had a career. Maybe the people in the other videos will get their own singing careers now like Ailee here.

Mohamad Firdaus via YouTube