Some say too much Facebook is bad for you and causes depression. Now, a new study says too little Facebook is bad for you too?

A lack of social participation on Facebook leads to people feeling less meaningful, a new study suggests.

Furthermore the less reaction people get on statuses and photographs the more excluded and invisible they feel. Social media shunning can even lead to lower self-esteem and a sense of loss of control.

The findings come from new research into how Facebook impacts feelings of social belonging, affecting outlook on life, loneliness and self-worth.


The study basically says the more you participate the better you feel about yourself and your surroundings. So, don't lurk...get involved! Post your thoughts and respond to others. The study showed people that didn't post for two days had negative effects as well.

via The Facebook generation: How not posting on social media for just TWO days affects our self-esteem | Mail Online.