Lady Gaga was gearing up for her big show with the Rolling Stones last night (Dec .15) in Newark, N.J. Two generations and genres collided when Ma Monster took the stage for a cameo with the British legends at their gig at the Prudential Center.

A photo of Gaga posing with the Stones' and another of her chillaxing with guitarist Ronnie Wood landed online. She tweeted one image of her and the boys. She posted: "Me with the boys. When rock n' roll gets you wet in 6."

It's too much musical awesomeness in one photo and we might spontaneously combust if we look at it for too long.

The photo of Gaga with Wood was posted on Gaga's Little Monsters social networking site. It's a bit blurry but it's still a candid shot of two adored artists who are about to make history when they take the stage together tonight at the Stones' Pay-Per-View gig.

Gaga is sporting mega-long, platinum blonde locks, parted in the middle, and a floppy black hat. Her attire here is a bit edgy school marm-style, and the snap was probably taking during the rehearsals. It certainly has us curious as to what she wore when she got onstage.

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