Lana‘s leaking!

Lana Del Rey’s debut, ‘Born to Die,’ has finally hit the web, only a few days shy of its intended Jan. 31 release date. You know what that means? The vultures are swooping down to pick away at it and criticize. Then there are those who will be praising it with a critical tongue bath. Polarizing is certainly a way to describe the reviews and the singer herself.

The leak comes hot on the heels of Del Rey canceling her gig last night (Jan. 24) at the Koko in Camden, London. She was set to support The Maccabbees, but fell ill, according to the official statement on the matter, which read as follows: “Due to illness Lana Del Rey is regrettably not able to perform at tonight’s MTV UK Brand New For 2012 show at London’s Koko and sends her apologies to all her fans.”

MTV was positive, yet critical, in its review of ‘Born to Die,’ writing, “Simply put, it is a record that is positively brimming with atmospherics — soaring, sonorous strings, echoing electronic boom-bap, morose, maudlin guitar crescendos — all of which imbue it with a truly epic (if not unnecessarily dramatic) scope.” The review stated that all the lush layers will likely be perceived as a cover for LDR’s lack of prowess as a live performer but even so, it’s a great headphones album.

The review also pointed out that “this is an album that sounds like it cost a million bucks to make — mostly because it probably did.”

The somewhat lesser-known blog Next in Show was over-the-moon about ‘Born to Die,’ saying, “This album is a complete work of art. Each song is it’s own movie.”

For those of you who have listened to it, what do you think?