Handicapped dogs may soon benefit from the work of some Lufkin 4th graders. Students at Brandon Elementary recently learned that a New Hampshire-based website picked up on their idea of new and improved “drag bags” for dogs, which are those things that handicapped dogs can put on, cool off, and move around the yard with a little easier.

The students sent drawings of the redesigned drag-bags to the founder and President of handicappedpets.com, Mark Robinson, and he loved their idea.

An engineering program at the school may help integrate the product, and it plans to help the kids keep learning new ways to create products, make life easier, and learn important life skills.

Anyone else accomplish something big like this in fourth grade? I think my fourth grade class was recognized once for making it all the way through one day without getting in trouble for throwing spit balls at each other. Nice work Brandon Elementary! You make us all proud.