After reading more about the Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas, I wish I was a kid again! It sounds like they’re learning some valuable life skills — even how to change a flat tire. That means 9-year-olds who hang out at the Boys and Girls Club this summer, will come in handier in a pinch than most adults.

It’s not just the skills like changing tires and shopping for groceries that kids learn, but it’s plain ole fun stuff too like shooting hoops, swimming, and hanging out with friends too. Just like summer should be.

The Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas includes clubs in Lufkin, Diboll, Nacogdoches and more.

As hundreds of kids take part in the fun this summer, there are opportunities to sponsor a child for a day or longer, donate as an individual or business, and volunteer time. It’s $65 for two months of food and fun for the kids, but you might be able to spare them some of that cost.

The Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas has more on their website, including a black tie event later this summer.

Are you a Boys and Girls Club alum, or do you have kids involved?