Wednesday afternoon around 5, Lufkin Police Officer Beck responded to 203 S. Timberland (Qwik Corner Shell) in reference to a suspicious person. Upon arrival, Beck could hear the suspect, Gary Colquitt, screaming in the restroom.

According to a Lufkin Police Press Release, Beck attempted to make contact with Colquitt, at which time Colquitt opened the door and began to scream at Beck that he had a snake in his rectum.

The officer advised LPD dispatch of the situation and requested another unit to the location. Officer Carroll responded to the location. Beck and Carroll then began to speak with Colquitt and instructed him to exit the restroom. Colquitt then exited the restroom, completely naked, screaming, and began walking backward toward Beck and Carroll. Officers instructed Colquitt to get on his knees and place his hands behind his back. Beck then placed Colquitt into handcuffs, and Carroll advised EMS to come to the location.

Beck observed that Colquitt was intoxicated to the point where he presented a danger to himself or others. Colquitt was arrested for Public Intoxication M/C. Officer McClure took custody of Colquitt and rode with EMS to the hospital. EMS transported Colquitt to CHI St. Luke's Hospital for a medical evaluation. After a medical evaluation, McClure transported Colquitt to the Angelina County Jail.