The Peanuts movie comes out November 6. We all love the Peanuts gang. We've watched them for years on T.V. so it's about time they finally make it to the big screen.

The trailer looks really good. I'm just so amazed that Peanuts haven't had their very own movie yet. Who doesn't love Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest of the gang?

The cool thing is how this movie came about. According to Wikipedia:

In 2006, six years after the release of the last original Peanuts strip, as well as the death of creator Charles M. Schulz, his son Craig Schulz came up with an idea for a Peanuts film, which he showed to his screenwriter son Bryan Schulz. "I was happy to show my son," Craig said. "He showed me how to make it bigger — how to blow it up more — and he helped me put in structure."[1] When presenting their film to studios, Craig stipulated that the film remain under Schulz control, saying, "We need[ed] to have absolute quality control and keep it under Dad’s legacy... You can’t bring people in from the outside and expect them to understand Peanuts."

I found this cool website that will let you make yourself into a peanuts character. That's me below. I've been peanutized. You choose your hair, your eyes and your clothes. Talk about a great marketing ploy.