(Taken from Lufkin Police Press Release)

Officers arrested a Lufkin man Tuesday evening who allegedly shot at his girlfriend’s former boyfriend toward Winston Park.

Tarcellus Mitchell, 27, was arrested outside a North Timberland gas station after fleeing the scene on foot.

Officers were called to the 400 block of Jack Street around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to a report of two men firing at each other. When they arrived on the scene, a witness reported seeing the victim pull up in a brown Tahoe and yell at him to “go get Mitchell.” The witness said he ignored the victim, whom he did not know, because he didn’t know anyone by that name.
The witness said the victim left and headed toward Winston Park, at which point the witness saw the man later identified as Mitchell walk out of a house, into the middle of the street and take “careful aim” at the victim’s vehicle. The witness said Mitchell then fired a single shot at the vehicle toward Winston Park.

The victim, who previously dated Mitchell’s girlfriend and remained friends with her mother, told officers that before the shooting, told officers he saw Mitchell earlier in the day while visiting his former girlfriend’s mother on Cain Street. He said no ill words were exchanged, so he thought everything was OK. After leaving her home, he said, he began getting taunting phone calls from Mitchell, cussing him out. He said Mitchell told him to come meet him, so that’s what he was doing when Mitchell shot at him.

Mitchell did not have the gun on him at the time of his arrest. Officers called for the assistance of a Texas Forest Service search and rescue to locate the gun, after they unsuccessfully searched the area. The dog’s attempts were also unsuccessful.

“If anyone locates a weapon in the area, they should immediately contact us,” Public Relations Specialist Jessica Pebsworth said. “We’re thankful no one was harmed in this incident, especially children playing in the park at the time.”

Mitchell is charged with third-degree felony deadly conduct and remained in the Angelina County Jail Wednesday morning.