Talk about luck! Have you ever used a metal detector? The dream is to find something hidden just below the dirt that is worth a ton of money. Turns out, you usually find a ton of dirt. Not so for  Wesley Carrington in the U.K.!

This guy gets his very first metal detector and within 20 minutes, yeah, 20 minutes he finds a stash of ancient Roman coins worth around $150,000 in U.S. dollars!

Dang the luck! I bought my husband a metal detector a few years back and all we have found is a lot of junk, like old nails!!  Oh, wait I think we did find a quarter one time...Grrr! Now the thing just sits in the hall closet and sits and sits and sits. Dang thing! On second thought, after reading this story...maybe we should pull it out again and start looking for our buried treasure!

Have you ever found something worth some money from a metal detector?

via I found Roman coins worth £100,000... 20 minutes after buying first metal detector: Novice unearths 'nationally significant' find during first treasure hunt | Mail Online.