When you have a significant other that snores, getting a good night sleep can be very, very difficult! But, a man in Utah took a totally different approach and let's just say, not the best idea!

Last week, 60-year-old Bryce Whitaker was tired of his wife's snoring. In fact they fought about it.

Whitaker told police he and his wife had been arguing Sunday about "her snoring and her stuff." When his wife went to take a nap, he lit a pair of her pants and a box on fire, the charges state. When the fire got out of control, he roused his wife, who was sleeping in the basement.

Whitaker told police he used the gas stove to light a long tapered candle, then ignited the blaze.

Like I said, not the best way to stop someone from snoring! Do you have a secret to stop someone from snoring?

via Man set wife's clothes on fire because she was snoring, police say | ksl.com.