American Idol‘ sure is looking to fill the heels, er, judging spot, vacated by Jennifer Lopez, with someone bigger and better! The show is reportedly thisclose to replacing one diva with another in the form of Mariah Carey. O to the M to the F to the G. The five octave Carey as an ‘Idol’ judge? So much for those rumors that ‘Idol’ was planning to downsize for Season 12. Producers are shooting for the stratosphere if they close this deal.

While Mimi’s hubby Nick Cannon recently said that his wifey wife wouldn’t do the show for less than double what they paid Lopez, which would be an astronomical and unrealistic figure hovering in the $40 million range, the usually right on the money reports that Carey is currently finalizing her deal to join the show as a judge.

Carey’s contract would weigh in at $17 million, which is more than La Lopez earned. It would also be a record for a reality series, but then again, this is Mariah Freakin’ Carey we’re talking about. The red carpet must be rolled out for her.

Deadline reports that Fox execs moved swiftly in their courtship of Dem Babies’ mom, since the show needs to start sorting out its taped auditions sooner than later. Those are the eps that fans end up watching in January to chase away the winter doldrums before the live shows and voting start.

Carey was heavily courted by ‘X Factor’ during its debut season, and she was supposed to appear in some capacity, but that never materialized.

Rumors abounded that Lopez demanded a $2 million raise and was shown the door due to her request. With Carey reportedly pocketing a cool $17 million, which is what J. Lo’s salary would have been, one might think that Lopez wasn’t booted for having her hand out.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Would Mimi be a good judge on ‘Idol?’

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