Wow, so here is something interesting! A new survey showed that 80% of women will wait a whole month before they let the guy they are dating see them without makeup!

Really? Man, that's how I figured out if a guy was worth dating! If he likes me barefaced  then he might be a keeper! Granted, I think all of us girls feel better with some makeup, but I guess I didn't realize how many of us hide behind it and don't feel confident without it.

What is even more interesting about this survey is that it found 8% of women will wait a WHOLE year and 3% said they will NEVER EVER EVER (my personal tribute to Taylor)  let a guy see them without makeup. Two percent thought that the guy would dump them if he saw them barefaced. Now that one makes me sad....

I remember when I was in college, living in a dorm at The University of North Texas, I had a friend that washed her face at 9 p.m. Then she would quickly re-apply her makeup in case someone stopped by our room!

I guess it's a good thing my mom always advised me that less makeup is better! That way when a guy sees you without makeup you really don't look that different. Thank You Mom!

So girls, how long was it (or is it) before you let your boyfriend see you without make-up if EVER? Are you o.k. going barefaced to run errands? I must admit, I gotta put on either some eyeliner or lip gloss!


via Women Refuse to Let Boyfriend See Them Without Make-Up.