This past weekend I was on Facebook and saw that my college roommate from a few years back :), Karen, had posted a news story about her daughter standing up to bullies. With social networking, bullying has turned into a serious problem in today's world.

Lindsey Reiss, from Phoenix, is 13 and she's turned a very negative experience into a very positive one after being bullied last year.

She's sharing her story and helping others deal with bullies. I'm so proud of my friend's daughter Lindsey! And of course I'm proud of my friend Karen and her family for giving Lindsey the support she needed to take her life back.

Lindsey is active with the Anti-Bullying group I Will Not Bully. You can read her open letter and others at  Letters to a Bully. Check out Lindsey's story below.

I know, all of us experienced some type of bullying in our younger days. Yes, it's a part of life, but it is different today. We didn't have to worry about pictures and videos being shared with all our class mates with a click of a button on a smartphone. We weren't bombarded by mean text messages sent to our phone or posted on twitter and Facebook.

One of my nieces was bullied by her "so called friends." So, I take this subject seriously.
Last spring, some of us here at the station wrote about our experiences with bullying when we were younger. I know it's not the same thing as today, but we wanted to let these kids know that we got through it and they can too.


via Valley teen speaks out against bullying.