It's a different world out there! Now, with social networks, parents have to worry about their kids' activity on Facebook.  With all the cyber bullying going on, not to mention those scary sexual predators online, what's a parent to do? 

Enter SociallyActive. This service gives parents detailed reports of their kid's Facebook activity. Alright, you say you're friends with your kid on Facebook, so you know what they are up too... Hold on!

SociallyActive has a lot of features!  Not only does it give you Junior's activity, but it will give you the activity of his or hers friends, who is tagging them in photos, photos of your teen that may not appear on their own timelines and which friends they are interacting with the most. Plus, the program will determine which friends and conversations are the most influential to your kid.

Now,  it will cost you, but really not that much if you are looking for peace of mind.  It's $9 a month or $89 a year.