Who knew that an egg could say so much about you? In a recent study, researchers asked over 1,000 people about certain personality traits they have and the way they like their eggs cooked.

Turns out they found a correlation between the way you like your eggs and your personality. Who thinks these "studies" up?

Here is what they found out:

Poached: Outgoing/ happier than most

Boiled: Disorganized/ run the greatest risk of getting divorced

Fried: Have a high sex drive/ skilled working class

Scrambled: Guarded/ favored by those without children

Omelettes: Self disciplined

The study goes on to say:

Boiled egg eaters are more likely to be careless and impulsive while scrambled egg eaters are more likely to have a senior-level job and to own their own home.

So, how do you like your eggs? Does it go with the personality traits above?

via How do you like to eat your eggs ? - Unexplained Mysteries.