We knew this was going to happen, but now it has. The latest news network is now available to 45 million American homes. Yes, Al-Jazeera America.     Thank you Al Gore. Gore sold his ill-fated cable news network, Current T.V. to yes Al-Jazeera. Oh, but that's okay because it's Al-Jazeera...America.

According to the Associated Press:

Headquartered in New York, Al-Jazeera America has vowed to provide unbiased, in-depth domestic and global news. It aims to strike a contrast to the "news talk" often favored by its Big Three competitors. (Its promotional tagline: "There's more to it.")

But the channel also has challenges ahead. It will have to win over viewers to the serious newscasting it promises to deliver and overcome suspicion some Americans may feel for a news organization controlled by a foreign government or even see as anti-American.


It has hired a number of veterans of U.S. television, including Harris, a CNN alum, and Mora, previously at ABC News. Other familiar faces include Sheila MacVicar (formerly of CBS News), Soledad O’Brien (NBC News and CNN), Joie Chen (CNN and CBS News) and John Seigenthaler (NBC News).

How is this possible? Is it available on your T.V.? It's available on Dish and Direct T.V.

Kudos toATT. They are being sued by Al Jazeera for refusing to carry the channel!

via Al-Jazeera America debuts as newest news network - Yahoo! News.