Last week I posted a clip of Nickelback's newest videos for their song "When We Stand Together" and now you can check out the entire video after the jump as they released the video over the weekend. They are getting ready to release a new album on called Here And Now on November 21st but with it's arrival the band has seen a rash of negative press lately.

Last week a British online dating service revealed the results of a survey saying that if you're a fan of Nickelback's music, you would most likely be turned down for a date because their music is such a turn off. Then it was announced that Nickelback would be the halftime entertainment for this years' Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit and an online petition popped up trying to get the band removed from the lineup. The petition has drawn over 30,000 signatures so far.

Well with all the negativity towards the band, Chad Kroeger told ABC Radio News,

We definitely don't care. I think [it happens to] everybody that gets to a certain level, where everyone on the planet knows your band name and gets to weigh in on you now because of the access of the Internet. We stopped caring about any of that stuff a long time ago. I mean, we make music for our fans. And, we tour the world and play music for our fans, and that's it."

It sounds like to me that Chad and the rest of the band know how to handle the press and keep cranking out the hits!

See the video for "When We Stand Together" below: