It seems as if Nickelback are a very polarizing band, you either like them or hate them. Back in November there was an online petition going around to keep the band from performing the half-time show at the Detroit Lions game, but the petition organizer was unsuccessful and the show went on. Since then haters have been tweeting and talking trash about the band.

Now Nickelback are using their Twitter account to respond to these haters. A fan wrote,

Nickelback makes me want to chop my ears off.”

The band replied,

Did you do it yet?”

Then there's this tweet

“an aneurysm and violently s**t myself at the same time after hearing a Nickelback song"

The band replied to this user with

I bet it was the best day you’ve had in a while.”

Chris Daughtry even gets in on the action with this tweet,

@Nickelback your replies to the haters are killing me! Hilarious!

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