Most people would have you believe love is a largely beautiful thing, but we'd be remiss to ignore how multi-faceted and downright terrifying it is, especially in its early stages. One Direction aim to unpack this idea on their new song, "End of the Day," which they released today (November 9) as yet another preview to their upcoming album Made in the A.M.

The uptempo track kicks off with hand claps and soft piano chords, as the group's resident rock star, Harry Styles, opens with an intimate, nerve-wracking admittance: "I told her that I loved her / Was not sure if she heard / The roof was pretty windy / And she didn't say a word."

Then the song abruptly transitions to its chorus, a loud, arena-rock ready chant that sounds like a different track entirely. The group sings, “All I know at the end of the day / Is you want what you want / And you say what you say / And you follow your heart / Even though it’ll break sometimes."

Whether the track's sudden transition from its verses into the enormous chorus is meant to echo the track's theme -- love is scary and it doesn't always work out, but you have to live your truth, you know? -- remains unclear, but it's a risk that pays off mightily. It's truly a shame that we'll never hear this one live.

Listen to "End of the Day" above, and get ready for One Direction's fifth (and possibly final) album Made in the A.M., which is set to be released Friday November 13.

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