Our digital guy, James is on some weight loss kick so I decided to bring my juicer into work to show him an option he may want to take instead of starving himself.

The Mean Green' juice blend contains,

1 Bunch Of Kale

4 Stalks of Celery

1 Cucumber

2 Granny Smith Apples

1/2 a Lemon

Ginger Root


It wasn't too bad except I thought a stalk of celery was an entire bunch, so now our break room fridge is loaded with the stuff. I have only had one complaint, and that was from Paula. She was the one that helped us find the Ginger Root.  She was also the one that sent an email earlier that day, that she was going to clean out the fridge.  Then I brought all this stuff up to the station and just left it.  I'm a bad person....lol.

We also learned that ginger root is hard to find, and shouldn't be used liberally. Though I heard tale of some people using the entire giant root. I can't even imagine what that tasted like.

I had a a very long day ahead of me when we drank that crazy drink. But I really juice gave me tons of energy. James said it really didn't give him much energy. He said he is going to stop this crazy fast soon.