A recent survey found the top ten smells that people love most. The survey came out of Britain but taking a look at the results I think this is universal. I mean really, bacon made the list!

And our top ten favorite smells are (Drum Roll Please!)

10. fresh flowers.

9.  fried food

8. meat cooking

7. clothes right out of the dryer

6. the ocean

5. a cake baking

4. coffee

3. fresh cut grass

2. bacon

1. Fresh baked bread

You can check out the top 50 list at the Daily Mail website.

Oh the survey also told us the smells we hate the most, too. I know it's not a pleasant thing to think about but, here it goes!

1. Garbage cans

2. Drains

3. Body odor

4. Sewage

5. Vomit

6. Spoiled milk

7.Rotting food

8. Public bathrooms

9. Dirty diapers

10. Old shoes

Take our poll below and tell us what your favorite smells are.


Speaking of fresh baked bread, I found this video on an easy way to make the perfect loaf of bread.