A new poll came out showing our favorite smells that make us feel at home and the smells we hate most at home.

I must agree with the poll. I do love the smell of coffee brewing, but the funny thing is that it looks like a coffee company is responsible for the survey to begin with. So, it kind of makes sense that coffee would be at number one on the favorite smells.

The top five smells according to The Huffington Post are:

1. Coffee Brewing

2. Cookies Baking

3. Clean Sheets

4. Pot Roast

5. Pasta Sauce

And the not so favorite smells at home? Ugh! Garbage has got to be the worst for me. That garbage can start smelling rank really, really quick.

1. Cigarette Smoke

2. Garbage

3. The Litter Box

4. Mold and Mildew

5. Fish.

So, tell us what are your favorite and least favorite smells at home?