I'm a huge Beatles fan, so this story about country artist Hunter Hayes really caught my eye! I'm sure a lot of artists are pretty excited to meet a legend like Paul McCartney, but to have him track you down at the Grammys to shake Hunter's hand? Wow!

At the Grammys Sunday night, Hunter was hanging around Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham's dressing room hoping to meet him when all of a sudden:

"As I'm waiting, Sir Paul McCartney walks by," Hayes says. "We made eye contact, so I gave the respectful smile and nod. He points to me, then he walks over and shakes my hand. He says, 'That was a remarkable performance,' and just starts going on and on. I mean, I couldn't have scripted it better. It was amazing. He bridged the gap between hero and human.

"In that moment, I saw everything I wanted to see about him, and he became everything I wanted him to be, personally."


Christopher Polk, Getty Images
Christopher Polk, Getty Images


If you miss Hunter's performance Sunday night, here it is!

via Hunter Hayes tells the story behind 'Invisible'.