Do you believe in omens or signs from above? I do at times, maybe it's just when I question myself or have a gut feeling about something. Then, later I think, "Why didn't I see the signs!"

I ask this question because yesterday in Rhode Island a marriage proposal went wrong.

A small plane towing a banner with a marriage proposal crashed. The pilot ended up ditching the plane as it was going down. He was found about an hour later and he was not seriously injured.

The man radioed his 8-year-old son just after 3pm saying he was going down. The Coast Guard says the boy helped them pinpoint his father's location. No word on whether the proposal was otherwise a success.

This story makes me wonder about the man that was going to propose. Did he go through with the proposal? Did he find out about the crash and decide this was a sign to not propose?

via Plane Towing Marriage Proposal Banner Crashes - But the pilot is OK.