Ah, to have a duck's life! This is the sweetest little video. Watch this little baby duckling play and get pampered.

Play chase for a while, go for a swim, get some spa treatment and at the end of a fun filled day . . . get a little lovin'.

One of my sisters brought a little duckling home from college one Easter when I was 12. We named him Hector and he looked just like this little duckling. He grew up to be a beautiful big white duck, but I think he thought he was a dog. He came when you called him and he would follow you everywhere.

We had a big galvanized tub (the kind most people use to ice down their Coronas) on the patio that we filled with water. Hector would float and swim around in that tub for hours. Man, I loved that duck! Maybe that's why I love this video so much. It reminds me of my sweet Hector.