Over the past few days I have noticed gas prices have been on the decline instead of skyrocketing!  We always hear about the rise in gas prices but rarely about the decline and that's what I'm excited about today!

The price for a gallon of unleaded nationally is $3.80, so East Texas is fairing a lot better than other parts of the country.  A quick check at Nacogdoches' gas prices through TexasGasPrices.com and GasBuddy.com show the lowest price for a gallon of gas is at Kroger on North St. at $3.49 - about the lowest anywhere in East Texas!  Both the Exxon and Murphy USA on down North are around the same price, at $3.50 and $3.51 respectively.

Gas is a bit more in Center at $3.66 at Murphy USA and in Lufkin prices are a bit higher, least expensive can be found at Cononco on Frank Ave. for $3.68 according to TexasGasPrices.com.

Keep 'em coming down!  We all can use the break.  Let us know where you see the prices falling and that way we all can save money.  You can also check prices in your area through GasBuddy.com or TexasGasPrices.com.