The original 1984 movie Footloose and the title song are from my generation. Now it's time to pass the torch to the next generation. The remake of the movie comes out next month, and title song is by country singer Blake Shelton and it has hit the internet!!

Remaking the iconic song from the 80's had to be a tough one! How did Blake Shelton approach recording the song?

"There are two ways to bring back a song: one is to try to make it your own, and in this instance, you have to remove yourself from it and step into the role of what's best for the movie and that particular scene," he told The Boot. "There's really only one way to approach it when you think of it that way: a fun, uptempo, catchy version just like Kenny Loggins did.

Give it a listen. The quality is not the best, but at least we get an idea of it!

Footloose hits theaters October 14th.

Who could forget the original? Here's Kenny Loggins original version.

Which do you like better?

via Blake Shelton's 'Footloose' cover - Listen - Music News - Digital Spy.