Out with old and in with the new ... Again! Rumors are all over the place about the new iPhone 5 coming out in June. My gosh! Already?

Yes, I know that Apple has been releasing new iPhones every summer for the past few years, but I was under the impression that the iPhone 4s was the "must have" of all time? Oh wait, that was so 30 seconds ago!

You remember all the the hoopla over Siri, the woman's voice that talks to you? I guess not everyone one is happy with Siri. I heard a few weeks ago that someone was actually trying to suing Apple, because Siri wasn't all she was cracked up to be! Yeah, that's a good one!

So, what are the rumors saying about what the iPhone 5 will look like?

CNBC speculates:

Apple may increase the screen size of the phone, from 3.5-inches to 4.6-inches. Apple has not changed the iPhone’s screen size since the device was launched in 2007. From what we have seen before, though, it’s not in Apple’s DNA to change what’s already working so well.

The phone’s thickness, however, may be slightly altered. With the next iPhone expected to offer Long Term Evolution (LTE) capabilities, the battery may need to be larger. The iPhone 4S is 4.5-inches in height, and 2.31-inches in width, with a depth of 0.37-inches. The latest iPhone weighs 4.9-ounces.

The casing of Apple’s next smartphone could be all aluminum, if Apple decides to do away with the glass backing on the current phones.

Hmm, no word on Siri's return? Are you ready for a new iPhone? Are you one of "those" people that need to have the latest phone out there?

I'm so un-hip and behind the times! I have the iPhone 3G, but I'll tell you what I love it! Who knows, maybe in a year I'll see what Siri is all about.

via CNBC Stock Market News — Apple’s iPhone 5: Rumors and Beneficiaries — CNBC.com Stock Blog - CNBC.