It's gotten hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

Kenya's Hyvon Ngetich describes it as "hitting a wall" when she just couldn't run any more, and her only choice was to hit the deck and crawl to the finish line at the Austin Marathon February 8th.  

This week she went back to Austin to say thanks to the people and medical pros who treated her after the race.  Doctors said her blood sugar was extremely low, and she just ran out of gas.  But she didn't want any help from anyone as she finished the race, and you can even see in the video that she would sooner drag medical personnel on her back than sit in the wheelchair that they brought to help her.  Are you questioning why you can't fight through a little tiredness at the gym?  Suddenly, me too.

She led most of the race, and because of the collapse she ended up finishing third at the Austin Marathon.

She said she'll be back next year.  And no one in their right mind would question her will.